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Editorial: DCTC project worthy of bonding money

Dakota County Technical College creates a skilled work force for our area. Their graduates go on to build our roads, run our trains, transport our goods and provide our health care. As such, we expect the school to deliver the best.

This past year, DCTC has completed $7.23 million worth of renovations to the Transportation and Emerging Technologies department at the college. The renovations included new, modern classroom spaces and shops. The improvements ensured that DCTC students in the welding and various automotive programs receive the best education possible. The areas had not been renovated since the school was constructed in 1973. The renovations were made possible by state funding which was approved in 2012.

DCTC has requested a second round of funding for Phase II of the project. The additional $7.59 million will include 66,550 square feet and will improve program areas including the Heavy Duty Truck Technology, Heavy Construction Equipment Technology, Nanoscience Technology, Energy Technical Specialist, Civil Engineering and DCTC’s central commons area.

We, as a community and more broadly as a region, benefit from having the well-trained workforce DCTC provides. We believe the improvements to DCTC will be in the best interest of our communities.

Governor Mark Dayton has recommended the project as part of his 2014 bonding bill. We hope the Minnesota Legislature will follow suit and approve the funding for Phase II of the project.