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Editorial: Big decisions coming

There are some big decisions to be made in our two local school districts.

In Rosemount, voters will go to the polls next week to decide both who they would like to represent them on the school board and whether to approve a new operating levy that would put an additional $10 million a year into the district’s coffers.

In other words, they’ll decide how much money the district has and who gets to decide how to spend it.

In Farmington, a process is under way to adjust school boundaries. The idea is to shift students from schools that are over their capacity to others that are well under. Or, in the case of the district’s middle schools, from one school that is under capacity to another that is farther under.

Both are big issues, and both offer opportunities for residents to have a say in the outcome.

In Rosemount, that opportunity involves direct action. Residents can go to the polls and vote yes or no on the levy.

It’s a significant vote, and we hope to see good turnout. The outcome of the vote will determine whether the district has to make significant cuts to programs including fifth-grade band, ninth-grade B-level sports and more. It’s too important a decision for residents to sit on the sidelines.

If you need to know your polling place, you can find a list on page 10 of this issue.

The opportunity for input is a bit less direct in Farmington. Residents can attend one or more information sessions coming up in the first half of November to hear about the options, ask questions and voice opinions.

School boundaries are often a touchy subject, so the more input the district gets before it makes its decision, the better the chance people will be happy with what results.

It’s a lot to keep track of, but these are two situations where it’s worth putting in some extra time.