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Editorial: Take precautions even in a safe city

It’s easy to think of Farmington and Rosemount as safe places. By and large they are. They’re the kinds of places where serious crime is an afterthought, not an everyday presence.

Crime statistics bear that out. So, for the most part, does the reality of everyday life.

But it’s important not to get too comfortable, a point driven home by a series of recent stories.

In the matter of just a few weeks there have been two homicides in Rosemount. Both seem to be anomalies — one a domestic issue we may never fully understand and the other a situation that started outside of the city’s borders and was carried back here — but they are certainly reminders that violence can happen here.

Farmington hasn’t had anything quite so serious, but the city has seen two series of break-ins that have police officers taking notice. In one, the offenders, most of whom have been arrested, used garage door openers they found in unlocked cars to break into occupied homes while the owners slept. In the other, it appears the suspects used tools to force their way into unoccupied homes to take cash, jewelry and more.

Farmington and Rosemount are still unquestionably low-crime cities. You can go for a walk at night and feel safe. But there’s enough going on here that it pays to be vigilant. Lock doors, both on your car and on your house. Pay attention to what’s happening in your neighborhood. Report suspicious behavior to police.

It’s better to be safe than sorry.