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Editorial: Good to see growth return

Growth is returning to Farmington and Rosemount. A story on the front page of this week’s issue points to that, or at least to the increase this year in the number of building permit the city of Farmington has issued. Revenue from permits is already at $422,000 this year in the city, well above the budgeted number of $293,000.

You don’t need permit numbers to recognize growth, though. You just need to drive through the city. To see housing developments that sat dormant while the housing market struggled once again starting to fill up. That’s true in both cities. Houses are going up. People are moving in.

The pace is nowhere near what it was when the building boom was at its peak early last decade, but it’s moving, and that’s good news.

Growth will bring challenges just as it did before. The city has to keep up with its new additions, to provide services, to maintain its identity even while welcoming new residents.

But there are challenges that come with a lack of growth, too. Farmington and Rosemount have dealt with those the last several years, and growth seems significantly better.

Growth brings with it new people, new ideas, new pieces to an ever-changing puzzle.

That can be exciting for everyone.