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Editorial: Partnership will be good for schools

It is the job of a school district to educate its students. That much should be obvious. Students need a strong base of knowledge -- the basic reading, writing and arithmetic as well as history and other subjects.

But it is also the district's job to prepare students for the life they will face once they walk out their school's doors for the last time, whether they are headed to college, a career or the military.

Exactly what that means is a bit harder to define, but Independent School District 196 is taking a shot.

Working with local businesses, the district hopes to build relationships that will benefit students by, among other things, helping them understand how the things they are learning today will help them as they leave school behind.

The partnership will also help teachers and others in the schools better understand what opportunities are out there for students. It will help connect to the real world curriculum sometimes written in what Dakota County Regional Chamber of Commerce president Ruthe Batulis called the vacuum of education.

That is important, because teachers are a vital resource as students consider their future.

It is still early in the process. Batulis and District 196 superintendent Jane Berenz are still looking for members of the business and school communities willing to serve as part of the partnership. But we already see value in the effort. We saw it last fall when a group of Rosemount High School teachers went to Dakota County Technical College to get better acquainted with what that school had to offer to RHS graduates. That proved to be a beneficial experience for all involved.

This is a relatively small effort. It will be easy to sustain. And we think it will pay dividends.