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Editorial: Aker gave a lot to the city of Rosemount

Scott Aker has given a lot to the city of Rosemount.

For the past 31 years, Aker has served as a member of the city's volunteer fire department. Thousands of time over that period he has left behind friends and family to protect a Rosemount resident's house, or to help someone who had been injured in an accident.

For the past 25 years, Aker has also been Rosemount's fire chief. He's still responded to those emergency calls, but he also spent nearly the equivalent of a full-time job handling the administrative business of the department. He helped guide the department as it added two fire stations and Rosemount added thousands of new residents. There are a lot more firefighters to manage, a lot more homes to protect, than there were when Aker started.

That is a big responsibility, and Aker has handled it well. People have noticed, too. As reported on the front page of this week's paper, it is hard for Aker to go to the grocery store these days without running into someone he has helped or otherwise gotten to know thanks to his role as fire chief.

Aker didn't do it all alone, obviously. He has a good department of firefighters there to do the jobs that need doing. But he is the one providing the leadership.

Being a fire chief, even in a volunteer department like Rosemount's is a big commitment. To do the job for a quarter-century while balancing work and family responsibilities is a remarkable achievement.

Thank you, Scott.