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Editorial: Front Porch is a good deal

We're not sure how much demand there will be for the new Rosemount's Front Porch established with an agreement between the city of Rosemount and the Rosemount Area Arts Council. It's not clear whether Rosemount draws the kind of traffic that would make use of a welcome center like the one that has been proposed.

Maybe they will, though. It seems reasonable to assume that kind of traffic will only increase when a planned hotel is complete, or when a planned senior housing complex is built on the same block.

Maybe there won't. But in some ways, that's beside the point.

Rosemount's Front Porch, proposed as a kind of information center in the Rosemount Steeple Center, is an example of someone seeing a need in the city and taking the steps to address it. It's an example of the city, at a time when budgets are tight, teaming with a private group to add an amenity that would not otherwise be available.

Working on the theory a community is stronger when there are places for people to gather, to sit down and talk face to face, Rosemount's Front Porch is a possible first stop for anyone who wants to know more about the city. It will be staffed on a regular basis so people who don't know their way around -- where the parks are, where to get something to eat -- will have someone to point them in the right direction.

The deal is also a way to make more effective use of a building the city of Rosemount has a lot of money restoring.

All of those are good things. That's true whether or not the facility gets heavy use.