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Editorial: DCTC is a valuable resource

A person who has not seen the Dakota County Technical College campus in a few years might be surprised with what they found on a visit to the east Rosemount facility today. Over the past several years the school has made some dramatic improvements.

Gone is the plain, vaguely industrial front entrance, replaced by a much more welcoming facade. There is a new soccer field and a new baseball field, both of which serve as home to athletic teams the school added a few years ago. There is another field across County Road 42 for the DCTC Blue Knight softball team.

The school has made a commitment to be more environmentally aware. It has remade part of its campus as a prairie, and now plans are in the works to create a campuswide arboretum that can be both teaching tool and peaceful getaway. It has the potential to be a wonderful addition.

The changes are dramatic for someone who is experiencing them all at once, and they serve to highlight the value, sometimes overlooked, that DCTC has for the Rosemount community.

DCTC provides education for young people preparing for college and for adults looking for a new career. It has a respected nanotechnolgy program and runs a popular camp each summer to introduce girls to the wonders of technology. It has reached out to Rosemount's military men and women and has helped the community in too many other ways to fit in a single editorial.

If you haven't been paying attention to DCTC, now might be a good time to start. Rosemount residents should all feel happy the school is there.