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Editorial: We bring you all of Rosemount

Unless you see the operation in action, it's hard to appreciate the full scale of Rosemount's Haunted Trail, the annual Halloween event that gives kids a chance to try out their costumes a few days early and collect some candy in a safe, controlled environment.

In the space of a day, a team of volunteers puts up dozens of decorations, stages photo opportunities and carves hundreds of pumpkins, all for an event that is over in just two hours. That takes commitment, and it takes cooperation. There is a dedicated team of volunteers that plans the Haunted Trail -- that has been putting the event on for as long as some of the parents who made their way along the trail Saturday night have been alive. But the event wouldn't happen if Rosemount didn't have a community of businesses and community organizations willing to take part. All those decorations are only worth so much to the kids who show up if there is nobody there to hand out candy.

Events like the Haunted Trail are a big part of what makes Rosemount special, and we tried to capture some of the fun with the photos on the front page of this week's Town Pages. We tried to convey a sense of the work that goes into the project, too, with more photos on page three.

Stories like that are a big part of what community newspapers like the Rosemount Town Pages are all about. We still bring you harder news, but more than any other media outlet that provides coverage of Rosemount we are here to bring the stories about what makes Rosemount the city it is.

Some of you are familiar with this mix. You already subscribe, or pick up the Town Pages on a regular basis. Others see us once or twice a year when we do a subscription drive like the one that has put this paper in your mailbox. Some of you are flipping through our pages for the first time.

However you found this issue, we hope you like it, and if you do we hope you'll take advantage of the subscription offer you can find on the bright yellow pages inserted farther forward. Subscribe now and you'll get a gift certificate for Celts. You get a year of stories about Rosemount and a good meal. We get to keep this conversation going.

We look forward to it.