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Editorial: Connections pay off for schools

On the front page of this week's Town Pages there is a story about the Rosemount Rotary's STRIVE program. It is a remarkable program, a mentorship effort that has done a lot in recent years to help struggling Rosemount High School students turn their academic careers around.

On last week's front page there was a photo of a dictionary distribution at Shannon Park Elementary School. The Rosemount Lions Club has handed out the reference books for years at elementary schools in the city, and they are always well received. In the age of Google, it seems kids still get excited about doing things the old fashioned way.

Look around a bit and you will find plenty of examples of these kinds of partnerships, of groups or individuals in the city reaching out to help local schools.

On Monday, the District 196 School Board accepted two gifts from the parents of former RHS students who were giving something back to programs that were important to their children.

As education budgets get tight, these kinds of gifts, these kinds of partnerships, are increasingly important to schools. They provide resources, in the form of both material items and personal interaction, that would not be available otherwise.

That's why we're happy to see how much connection there is between Rosemount schools and the community at large.

Some of that connection is a matter of connections. The Irish marching band program gets by with the help of hundreds of parent volunteer hours, but those are mostly people who have children in the band.

Other involvement happens for different reasons. People volunteer to help elementary school students work on reading skills, for example, or do other jobs that need doing around the schools.

It is all important. Every bit of it helps make Rosemount schools better. And we are happy to see it wherever it takes place.