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Editorial: Get out and explore Rosemount

Give or take a storm or two, we've had some beautiful weather lately in Rosemount. It's been the perfect time to get out and explore a city that has some great places to wander.

That's the idea behind the series that starts this week on the front page of the paper. While Rosemount has some wonderful neighborhood parks and playgrounds, some of the recreation areas around Rosemount aren't exactly front and center. Finding them takes a little work, but it's worth the effort.

Spring Lake Park, the focus of this week's entry, is a good example. The county park features striking views, access to the Mississippi River and areas for practicing archery and flying model airplanes. But, tucked away as it is on the city's far east side, it might not always be the first place Rosemount residents think about when they think outdoor recreation. Some might not even know it's there.

That could change, though, with the construction of a trail connecting South St. Paul and Hastings. The trail already runs through the park, and it appears to have brought more people.

There are other places like Spring Lake Park around Rosemount. There's Lone Rock Trail, a great place to walk or ride a horse in the summer or to cross country ski in the winter. There's Carroll's Woods, or a county-run dog park. There are hundreds of acres of open space just south of the city, some of which is already part of a Department of Natural Resources wildlife management area and much of which is in the process of becoming the county's next regional park.

Maybe you already know about all of these places. But we're willing to bet there are some Rosemount residents who are unfamiliar with the opportunities outside their own front door. We hope this series helps those residents get out and explore.