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Editorial: City needs to keep senior project moving

At a city council work session last week the developer the city chose to build a new senior housing complex next door to the Rosemount Steeple Center suggested city employees had done something underhanded. The developer, Development Representation Associates, was upset the city had approached other developers about the project after DRA missed a deadline to show progress.

We don't think it was underhanded. We think it was sound planning.

City leaders have been talking about this senior complex for a long time. Studies have shown there is a need for it, and the city's senior population has been clamoring for the dedicated senior center that would likely be built along with it.

As city council member Jeff Weisensel pointed out at last week's work session, the longer Rosemount goes without a sought-after amenity like this one, the longer the people who would use that amenity will look elsewhere to find it.

DRA has already missed a deadline. The company appears to have made a significant error in its financial planning. Money it thought would be available is not. That the city has allowed extra time to put things in order seems more than fair.

So far, at least, DRA has done little to indicate it is prepared to move ahead. The company has had trouble securing the funding it needs. And while DRA promised last week that there were several options available, if those options don't materialize soon it makes sense for the city to find someone else to do the job.