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Editorial: Rosemount's class of 2012 has done a lot

Rosemount High School principal John Wollersheim spent a lot of time at last weekend's graduation ceremony talking about the accomplishments of this particular senior class. He probably could have spent a lot more.

This has been a remarkably successful class. Like many that have come before at RHS these students have had success in the classroom, on the athletic field and in the community. They have competed at the state and national level in both athletic and academic endeavors.

This year's class has national champions in DECA and national competitors in debate, speech and quiz bowl.

They have made a difference in their school and, through clubs like Group of Active Teens or High Schools Against Cancer, they have reached out to make a difference in the community.

Six percent of this year's graduating class will go on to some kind of military involvement after high school, well above the national average. Some will enlist. Others will serve in college military programs like ROTC. Three will leave a month after graduation for military academies.

Two of this year's graduates will attend prestigious dance programs, and others will enroll at notable schools of other kinds.

We have known, or at least known of, many of these students since they were in elementary school. We have written stories about some of them. We have run their photos. We have seen them grow enthusiastic grade schoolers to sometimes awkward teens to students who are full of promise.

As always, it has been our pleasure to be there for the process. This year's graduates have accomplished a lot as they progressed through the school system in Rosemount, and we expect them to continue accomplishing remarkable things as they go on from here.

We look forward to seeing what they do.