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Editorial: Strong Legion is good for Rosemount

Rosemount's American Legion is not just a bar and a restaurant, no more than any other Legion club is. It's not just a place for veterans to drink beer and share stories, either. It is a resource for the community, a vital partner in a number of community events and a donor that gives tens of thousands of dollars every year to local causes.

That's why we're so happy to hear about the improvements made in recent months at the club. Club leaders have generated some new enthusiasm among members, and they have tackled repair and renovation projects that had been allowed to pile up for years.

The bar and restaurant are making a profit for the first time in more than a decade, and club members say they enjoy visiting in ways they had not for a while.

That is all important news, given the struggles many American Legion clubs are facing. As a generation of veterans ages, it has become harder to find younger members who are willing to take up the same causes. The Rosemount American Legion is working hard to overcome the notion that it is a club for old men, but that has not always been easy, here or elsewhere. Some American Legion posts have been forced to close.

It would be a shame to see that happen in Rosemount. The American Legion is a valuable resource. Its charitable gambling opportunities help put money in the pocket of local organizations.

It would be a big hole to fill, and we hope it doesn't need filling for a very long time.