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Editorial: Volunteers deserve recognition

National Volunteer Week is coming up in April, and as it has for the past several years the Rosemount City Council has put out a request for residents to nominate individuals and groups they believe have gone above and beyond to give back to their community.

It is a nice tradition, and over the years the council has recognized large groups of people who do a lot to make Rosemount the city it is.

We see stories of people giving back every day as we prepare this newspaper. Consider the Girl Scouts featured on this week's front page. They and the rest of their troop took time to collect books for the Rosemount Family Resource Center. They delivered those books last week, then two of the girls stuck around to read to some of the younger students who gather there every day after school. The troop plans to send girls back on a regular basis to read.

Speaking of the resource center, there are plenty of examples of volunteer work there, from the food shelf that helps families who are struggling to make ends meet to the homework help group that meets at the center thanks to a small group that saw a need and decided to fill it.

From individuals like these to the groups mayor Bill Droste points out in his column on page 3 this week to others not yet named and in some cases not even noticed, Rosemount residents find one way after another to give back.

The examples mentioned here and in the mayor's column barely even begin to scratch the surface.

That is important. It's what makes Rosemount the city it is.

These volunteers don't do what they do for the recognition they receive. They do it because they believe it's the right thing to do. We thank them for that.