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Editorial: Wind turbine an exciting addition to Rosemount

The University of Minnesota's newest research tool doesn't exactly blend in on the east side of Rosemount.

At something like 80 meters tall, you can't really disappear into the landscape.

Maybe that makes sense, though. Because the U of M hopes the turbine, paid for with federal grant money, will help it stand out in the rapidly developing field of alternative energy.

The state-of-the art turbine, stuck in the middle of the UMore Park property, will allow the university to conduct a wide range of research that should lead to improvements in wind power.

The turbine also fits with the U of M's stated mission for the development scheduled to eventually take place at UMore. That development is intended to be environmentally aware, and should take advantage of alternative energy sources whenever possible.

A second, smaller turbine funded by the same grant money will be a valuable addition at Dakota County Technical College. It won't get as much attention as its big brother - then again, it won't be visible for miles in every direction - but it will be an important training tool as electrical and other personnel prepare to work on a new generation of power-generating equipment.

The University of Minnesota is proud of its new turbine. It will show it off at an open house Oct. 25. We look forward to seeing what comes next.