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Editorial: Dakota County Gun club does a valuable service

It's easy to overlook the Dakota County Gun Club.

Actually, it's probably easier to overlook the club than it is to find it, tucked away as it is at the end of a series of increasingly rough gravel roads. The club isn't fancy. It doesn't have indoor plumbing. There are no amenities to speak of, unless you carry them in. But the club provides some valuable services to people in the Rosemount area.

One of those services was on display on Saturday morning, and again on the front page of this week's Town Pages. The club's twice-monthly summer Youth Days at the Range are an opportunity for boys and girls, some of whom have never before fired a weapon, to get a feel for shooting sports. It's a chance for them to learn from the ground up with the best possible safety habits. All of the forms of shooting available at the event are taught by instructors who love their sport and want to see other people get as passionate as they are about shooting -- and shooting safely.

Many young people get their introduction to shooting at the youth events.

The club provides other services as well. An annual ladies' day breaks down the notion that shooting is only for men. Indeed, in many cases women outshoot men.

There were serveral girls on hand Saturday.

Every fall the club opens its range for deer hunters who want to fine-tune their weapons to increase the chances they'll hit what they're shooting at.

The gun club isn't for everyone, certainly. There will be people who object to the idea of recreational shooting. But the club doesn't push the activity on anyone. It just makes sure that those who want to take on a potentially dangerous hobby know the right way to do things. They want to keep everyone safe.

That's a valuable service, and it's worthy of a little attention.