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New bus routes are a good step for Rosemount

It's about to get a whole lot easier for Rosemount residents who work in Minneapolis or St. Paul to make their commute.

On Monday the Minnesota Valley Transit Authority will launch a handful of new bus routes that should give Rosemount residents a much quicker ride downtown. The new, more direct routes will replace a current route that makes several stops along the way, making the service too inconvenient for many to take advantage.

One new line will go directly from the current park and ride at the Rosemount Community Center to downtown Minneapolis. Another will make just one stop along the way.

Both are welcome additions to what has for years been a limited group of options for local commuters. And both are long overdue. Rosemount taxpayers have been paying into the transit taxing district since 1991, but until now they have seen at best minimal return on their investment. It took the city threatening to pull out of the district earlier this year to get any significant action.

Sometimes it pays to be patient.

For years Rosemount's population did not warrant much in the way of transit options. It was easy enough for the few people who needed a bus to catch one in a nearby city.

Still, it was tough to watch that transit money leave the city with nothing to show for it.

Now things seem to be moving in the right direction. These new routes are a start. And there is still talk of a more formal park and ride facility across 145th Street from city hall.

That's good news for Rosemount commuters, and it's good news for Rosemount.