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Editorial: Take advantage of an opportunity to come together

Rosemount residents, it's time to fire up the grills, haul out the coolers and spend a little time getting to know your neighbors.

The name has changed, but the message behind the gatherings that will take place Tuesday night in Rosemount are the same as they ever were. When Rosemount's first Night to Unite takes place Aug. 4 it will be a chance for residents to turn off the TV and spend a little time with the people in their neighborhood.

The night isn't just about having a party, though. It's about building community. It's about getting to know the people next door so the next time there's an argument about a lawn left unmowed or a dog that barks all day you're dealing with someone whose name you know -- who maybe you've gotten to like -- rather than "that jerk down the street." It's about knowing your neighbors so the next time there's something suspicious going on you're more likely to recognize it.

There are residents of at least one Rosemount neighborhood who can probably appreciate that idea. Many residents near the intersection of Crystal Path and 156th Street were left shaken last Thursday morning when a mixture of gasoline and fireworks caused an explosion in a storm drain. Add to that a series of car break-ins over the Fourth of July weekend and residents there say they're going to start taking a more active role in watching over their neighborhood.

A nice gathering Tuesday night would be a great place to start.

Looking at the long list of thefts and property damage reports in this week's police report, it might be a good idea for a few other neighborhoods, too.

Police officers, firefighters and elected officials will make the rounds of registered gatherings Tuesday. It is a perfect time to let them know about concerns. To ask questions and make complaints. It's one of the few times they come to you.

Do it right, and this could be the most productive party of the year. It would be a shame not to take advantage.