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Chuck Brooks Viewpoint: A vast collection full of memories

Believe it or not, this is the 254th column I am writing since I began this adventure five-plus years ago. That may not amaze you, but it sure amazes me. I wanted to share this fact with you at No. 250, but the topic that week allowed me no room for sharing this gem of information. I have each and every column saved on my laptop. I always thought it would be fun to self-publish each year's worth of columns into five hard copy books - Volumes One through Five (for now) - just to see all the columns together, by year, at one glance. I'm likely the only person who would care to have such a product. Maybe they'd bring a member of my family tons of money after I was gone. Ha!

Speaking of, I often have to chuckle at my library of DVDs I've amassed. I am not sure I've ever really shared with you, but you know about my addiction to buying books. Well, I kind of have something similar to that in the DVD department. It began with VHS tapes and then went to DVDs. Right now, I have at least 20 VHS tapes of Disney animation from when I was a little boy. I can't bring myself to throw them away, and still what good are they?

In my living room, I have a cabinet of DVDs that are primarily contemporary movies and some shows. A lot of DVDs. However, my bedroom closet is another thing. A few weeks ago, I cleared out one side of my closet. The top shelf only. It wasn't I didn't wear the stuff any longer. It was to make room for my nostalgic DVD collection. Yup. I have two categories of DVDs. The contemporary collection and the DVDs that speak to the 50s, 60s, and some 70s movies and shows.

I get into this groove where I begin to remember something from those decades when I was younger, and I wonder if a certain movie or television series might be on DVD. Consequently, I research the internet for whatever titles I'm pondering. I've been doing this for some time. I've managed to accrue over 150 DVDs representing that period of time. If I go before members of my family, and they come to clean out my house here, they're going to be a bit overwhelmed at not just the numbers, but the titles as well. I seriously believe that some of my collection would stymie even the most devout television watcher from that time in our entertainment history.

For example: Everyone knows The Dick Van Dyke Show, The Fugitive and Bewitched, but how about some of these titles? The Immortal? The Magician? The Persuaders? Search? Oh, I have plenty more, and that's just the television shows. How about movies? The Milkman? Probe? The Spirit Is Willing? The Busy Body? Goodbye Charlie? The list goes on and on.

I think what's amazed me as I've collected these titles is that they're actually out there for sale. I believe I have two products that were literally recorded from television on VHS and then transferred over to DVD because the quality of the picture is less than professional. However, they were my only chance to get what I wanted, so I bought them. I will say they weren't all that expensive. It was sort of the tip-off when I ordered them. Honestly, there really isn't a title I want for any longer. My childhood, in a manner of speaking, rests on my closet shelf in my bedroom.

You ask, "You actually watch all these?" My answer is, "No." What I do is put a different one into the DVD player when I go to bed. If you understand falling asleep to an aquarium running, or the sound of light rain, or listening to a recording of the rolling tide, then you'll understand why I do this. I hit PLAY and then roll over, and just hearing it takes me back to a pleasant time, and I'm usually asleep in 10 minutes. It's relaxing. It's also fun to hear the sounds I grew up with and loved so much.

I have all the Don Knotts movies as well as Abbott and Costello and the Martin and Lewis collection. If Disney put it out for consumption, I own it. There were two they took forever to release but they finally did and those were The Monkey's Uncle and Emil And The Detectives. When they arrived in the mail, I was most excited to own them. And don't get me started on cartoons.

I've always told you I enjoy the simple parts of life. I was raised in a home where the simple joys were the best joys. My aspirations have always been modest. However, I think it would be fun to open a movie theater that shows nothing but these old films. If I build it, would they come?

Probably not, but I'd have a blast! Brooks' Bijou! Got sort of a ring to it, dontcha think? Which movies would you want in it from your memories of your youth? Happy reminiscing!