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Viewpoint: Help contribute to Rosemount's strong future

The city of Rosemount's staff has been busy this summer working on the comprehensive plan for our community. We're required by state law to look 20 years into the future. And that's a tall order.

I think about what it was like to do that 20 years ago. In the late '90s, Rosemount's population was about 14,000. Since then, we've added almost 10,000 residents. Almost three-quarters of our families today lived somewhere else back then.

We don't have a crystal ball. But coming up with our best estimates of how the city will grow, and how we want it to grow, gives us the best chance to enhance the quality of life in Rosemount. And the success of that plan depends on the input we receive from the public.

Early this month, we hosted the latest open house on the draft comprehensive plan for Rosemount in 2040. About 150 people took advantage of that opportunity to learn about the plan and provide their input. And the city staff got the opportunity to clear up some concerns.

Some of the concerns had to do with a map showing change for the single-family homes on the west edge of downtown, along Cameo and Cambrian. The plan says this eventually may be a good location for higher-density housing. But that's just a possibility in the long term that may or may not happen. The current residents would have to be willing to sell.

Another area of interest was the north-central part of Rosemount. In general, that's the area between Highway 3 and Akron on the north end of town. Many folks at the meeting wanted to maintain the rural nature of this area.

Some would like to see water and sewer services built large enough to serve this area if they are ever needed. Adding capacity would not spur development in the short term, but it could lead to changes beyond the 20-year period covered in this planning process.

There were also questions at the open house about how the land at UMore Park will develop. Many at the meeting said they like the rural character of that and other parts of Rosemount and would appreciate some land being left unchanged.

There's additional work to be done before Rosemount's comprehensive plan is submitted for review by the Metropolitan Council. Along with land use and how the City will develop and grow, the plan addresses where parks should be created, where roads should be built and at what size, and how Rosemount will fit with neighboring communities in the South of the River region. All these topics will be explored in detail and there are more opportunities for residents and businesses to provide their opinions.

If you were unable to attend the meeting, you can see the information on the city website at You can also fill out a form on that webpage to ask more questions or share your views. This fall, we will add an interactive map that will make it easy to add your comments about specific locations in the community.

You can also pose your questions directly to Senior Planner Kyle Klatt at 651-322-2052 or

This process makes it clear that Rosemount has a strong future. Please help contribute to it by sharing your thoughts on the City's plan.