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Bill Droste: Setting a vision for the Rosemount of 2022

Bill Droste

To serve our public and keep an eye on efficiency, the city of Rosemount works from a detailed plan — a vision of what will best serve citizens and businesses that have chosen to stay or move here. My colleagues on the city council and I joined our staff department heads to spend much of a weekend in late January starting to work on the latest revision of just that.

We have more work to do on our revised goals for Rosemount. But some overall themes have emerged. They come in the form of our vision for what Rosemount should be in the year 2022. The vision is made up of three broad kinds of initiatives that can get us there.

The first is to launch the vision through various initiatives, especially for economic development. We want more retail options for the city. We want to encourage the business development of the UMore property. And to support both of those, we believe the city would benefit from and will continue to pursue a hotel to serve visitors and businesses.

We value continued revitalization of downtown Rosemount. We will work with residential developers for new neighborhoods of high quality. We will work to provide public facilities to serve our expanding community in the most efficient manner. And we will support efforts to maintain the quality and expand the offerings of our educational institutions.

Another step to carry out the vision is to keep growing and promoting Rosemount through marketing initiatives. We want developers to know that our community is ready for projects that expand jobs and housing options. We want to communicate with our citizens and engage with them in new ways, through social media and mobile apps.

In order to accomplish this vision, we need to develop our organization within city government. It will be crucial to our success to keep our staff engaged and trained in the latest techniques for high performance in their jobs. It takes new ideas and teamwork to provide efficient services for a community with Rosemount's potential.

That's an ambitious list of ideas, but ones we think are appropriate and needed for our community. In the next few weeks, we on the council will do more work to determine which steps to take first in 2017 as we formally adopt the vision and goals document. At the same time, the city is planning for the more distant future by revising its Comprehensive Plan out to the year 2040.

I've talked about this as "our vision." But we believe it's the community's vision, based on the feedback we've received. We always welcome more. Please contact us through or say hello around town as we work for a modern, stronger Rosemount.