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Student voices: Relay for Life is a valuable event

Graduation is just a week away and it’s really getting me thinking about high school. In the past four years of high school, I definitely changed how I spend my time and what I care about. Comparing myself to who I was as a freshman is quite funny because I really don’t care about the little things I cared about then. High school definitely matured me and prepared me for the big life problems ahead of me.

One thing I definitely enjoy more now is volunteering and giving back. When my family went through a rough patch with cancer last year, people were so caring and kind to us. Now that my life is getting back to normal, I want to return the deeds that people did for us to other people that are going through the same thing we did.

At the end of my freshman year, I decided (the night before) that I was going to do Relay for Life. I know today it was one of the best decisions I ever made. The next two years I made my own team and have raised about $2,500.

This year, we are stepping it up. We (mainly RHS’s high schools against cancer group) have raised over $3,000 for this year’s Relay for Life event of Rosemount. Some people find fundraising to be tedious and a chore. We enjoy doing this because we know the money is going to help someone in need.

Relay for Life is a fundraising event put on by the American Cancer Society right here at Rosemount High School. It is a 12 hour event. It starts at 6 p.m. and ends at 6 a.m. the next morning.

I know what most people are thinking right now, “I can’t stay up all night. I would be exhausted.” Well, staying up that 12 hours is nothing compared to what cancer patients go through every day. Although the beginning is emotional, the rest of the night is a celebration. We celebrate the survivors and honor the many who have lost their lives. We camp out on the field and have at least one person from our team walking on the track all night. Zumba, yoga, Minute To Win It games and team events from past years keep the night vibrant and entertaining.

Make a difference, Rosemount, whether it is doing Relay, volunteering around town, feeding the hungry, going on a mission trip, whatever your heart desires. Let’s give to people that need assistance, give to people that can’t help that they’re in the situation that they’re in at the moment. Let’s not forget that we are blessed compared to most of the world. The least we can do is help others.

If you’re interested in Relay for Life, I strongly encourage you to go to and search Rosemount. Join a team, make a team or simply donate. Every bit of support is much needed and appreciated.

If you’re a cancer survivor or patient yourself, I encourage you to sign up for the survivors lap so you can be honored on June 27.