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Chuck Brooks' column: Spring is here, and the end of the school year nears

Wow. It’s almost May. Approximately 32 days remain in this school year. Thirty-two days before parents get their children back 24/7. Thirty-two days before English teachers can read fun books versus student essays. Thirty-two days before the morning alarm goes on hiatus for a while.

Thirty-two days.

Despite Mother Nature’s insistence on allowing winter to hang out as long as it darn well pleases, we all are managing to find ways to invite spring into our lives. There’s talk of prom dates and dresses and dinner reservations around the school. I was reading where one very creative high school senior boy got hold of letterhead from the college where his girlfriend had been accepted. He wrote her a letter on the official stationery, indicating because her performance in her senior year was lackluster, they were taking back their scholarship and admission offer.

UNLESS she would consider going to prom with her boyfriend. Funny stuff. She was probably ready to kill him, but very resourceful on the part of the boy.

We just are wrapping up the final parent/teacher conferences. That’s always a hopeful sign. Somehow we go from seven hours of conferencing the first two trimesters to four hours third trimester. No one ever balks at the loss of the other three hours the following Friday morning. And spring conferences are the lightest in attendance. Perhaps it’s because parents have daily access to all the information they desire about the performance level of their child, and if they have a question, they can email any time. Parent-teacher conferences is a paradigm in need of revisiting.

The clothing is slowly changing because of the spring-like teases we’ve been receiving. As I am writing this, the forecast for the week this is to be published promises 70s and sunny. That should change everyone’s attire. The morning walk from the car to the school might actually finally find many of us shedding any coats and simply enjoying the stroll to the front doors. I arrive usually by 6:30, and this time of the year, dawn is waking up too, and it’s such a promising sign. I love these mornings, or will love them when they finally arrive.

I’ve recently seen posters in the school’s halls for the annual band garage sale. May 3. I’ve seen this event in action. Tons of stuff to sort through. A major event for the band and the community. Much more fun if it happens on a Saturday morning when the sun is shining and grills are being prepped for a weekend of outdoor barbecues. You’re likely to buy something while seeing a friend you haven’t seen in awhile and chatting with them over their newest purchase.

State tests and AP tests are surfacing and that’s always a sign of better times ahead. The kids stress out over the testing, but isn’t it worth it just to make way for the season that’s a prelude to summer? Why, certainly! Buck up, boys and girls!

I’ve begun receiving graduation open house invitations already. And I saw a memo recently that addressed the all-school awards assembly we hold prior to Memorial Day. On that same day, we have locker clean-out in the afternoon, which is always interesting. Years ago … well, perhaps I should save that for another time. You likely won’t believe what I have to tell you about what it was that prompted locker clean-out. It’s interesting stuff, to be certain.

We are reading The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn in my Honors 9 classes. As Huck and Jim float down the river from one adventure to another, and the temps outside in the real world rise, the students can almost smell the fresh air as they turn Twain’s pages in this annual springtime read. Another sign that all is right with the world.

We’re gearing up to say goodbye to our current student council officers and members while we make way for four new leaders and a bevy of potential new faces and goals for next fall’s council. The old and the new council come together in a few weeks to provide a free car wash for the staff here at RHS. The kids love washing the cars of the adults. They can’t get enough of it, to be honest.

So, you see? Spring has arrived at RHS. Likely it has arrived in your world too. “While strolling through the park one day. In the merry, merry month of May….”

What are you waiting for? Get ye to a park! Pronto!