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Student voices: We're becoming 'rude little creatures'

As many people can tell by my writing, I wonder about a lot of things. For days at a time I think about the same thing, who, what, when, where and why it happens.

Recently, I have been thinking about our society and how we act. Although usually I don’t come to a conclusion, this week I have. I decided that we live in a freakishly fast paced society. Maybe it is just us Americans, the “selfish, money-infatuated” people, but I have noticed it getting worse and worse as time goes on.

Last Friday, I was at a gourmet sub shop out of town. When I walked in, I noticed the two girls working were scrambling back and forth. I knew this shop had recently moved to online orders and I was positive that’s what they were so stressed about. I was with my dad and a man came in shortly after us. We stood there patiently, understanding that these two girls had a lot on their plate. We ordered our sandwiches and moved up to the register. The guy behind us or-dered his two salads and stood there for maybe two minutes before he slowly just walked out of the store. He didn’t cancel his order. He didn’t pay for the salads. He just left empty handed. I shook my head at how disrespectful it was. He waited five minutes to order and couldn’t wait a two minutes after he ordered to get his food.

I have way too many things to say about this. I think people rely way too much on others. People expect everything to be handed to them exactly how they want it. They want things fast and they want these workers to stop what they’re doing and tend to them. I’m not sure what situation this guy was in. Maybe he was in a hurry, maybe he wasn’t. Either way, he ordered something and should’ve stuck to it.

Even if he was in a hurry, the least he could do would be cancel his order and say he has to go. Instead, he felt no sympathy for the girls and just left.

People these days are more impatient than I could ever imagine.

Even I find myself being impatient, just in different situations. When I am driving, waiting for something to turn on, to get done with my homework and countless other things, I can get extremely impatient. I’ve been working on a project the past couple of weeks on Google and its effects on the human brain. The author of the article I did my project on mentioned that he couldn’t sit through a long book or a long article anymore without getting distracted, bored and uninterested. I never really thought a website could have such an impact on us.

Either Google has taught us we should live this life or Google has encouraged the life we are living. Google gives us information at a click of a button. We expect an answer in one second and that’s exactly what it gives us. What more could we ask for? Google fuels our impatience and we don’t even realize it.

We are turning into rude little creatures, and it’s getting worse. We should start relaxing and thinking things through instead of taking the easy way out. It might be hard, but next time you are getting frustrated over how long something is taking, be grateful you even have that resource . We as a society should learn to be sympathetic, patient and calm. We get so worked up over the smallest things We spend hours in front of a brain-frying television but we get worked up over the extra minute we spent on the road.

Start thinking your priorities straight America. We are all humans. Why not treat each other with respect?