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Chuck Brooks' column: Students have big plans for spring break activity

Spring break is about to or has begun, depending on when you’re reading this. I know I won’t be visiting a balmy climate any time soon, but sleeping in and jumping over a state to see my siblings will be enough for me. However, what are the students looking forward to, you might ask.

When I polled them, I guess I didn’t expect to see responses like, “I will be reading in my free time.” Or, “I have a paper due the week after we’re back so I want to do some research on that over the break.” I guess I would have felt the universe might have shifted had I received responses like that. I did, however, receive a cross-section of some interesting responses.

Without any further hesitation, I give you the spring break edition of, “From The Mouths of Babes.”

“I will be going to Las Vegas to see my aunt over spring break and we will drive around southern California! It’s going to be so warm.” I hate her.

“I am going to the Florida keys with my Boy Scout troop for a week of island hopping and camping.” I hate him.

“Eat, read, sleep, repeat.” My kind of kid!

“Go to the CSI experience at the Mall of America.” Close to home. Good boy.

“I plan to stay home, do work, and get things done that need doing.” The practical approach. Not bad for a freshman.

“Read as many books as possible while I’m lying on the beach in the Dom-inican Re-public.” Not sure whe-ther to appl-aud her or throw sand in her face.

“Over spring break, my dad is taking me and all my siblings out to different places each day from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. so my mom can clean.” Wow. God forbid we stay home and help mom so she could join you on one of those days. Twelve hours of cleaning a day, no less. Must be a mansion.

“If the snow melts and it gets a bit warmer, I’ll ride my skateboard around.” When this was being written, there was a good chance of him being able to do just that. Barring any unforeseen snowstorms.

“I am going to Florida, the Venice area. I am staying with my grandparents and other family. Going to the beach, and shopping will be main activities. I will be trying to get rid of my Minnesotan Paleness.” Minnesota Paleness. Too funny.

“I’ll be playing Xbox.” You thinking maybe Mom and Dad have a different plan for this one?

“I plan on taking it easy and doing as little as possible, spend time with friends, sleep in and go out for some Chinese food.” I like the kid’s taste in cuisine.

“For spring break, I plan to sit in the Jamaican sun all day long and create great memories with my family.” A tough task but someone’s gotta do it.

This one still refuses to let go of winter. “I am going skiing in Vail, Colorado, and traveling to New York, NY.”

Another one clinging to the vestiges of winter. “I plan on going to Big Sky Montana to SNOWBOARD.”

“Having a RISK party all night. We are going to play RISK and HEROSCAPE all day.” Now we’re talkin’!

“Staying home and going to track practice.” This kid’s a barrel of fun in the classroom.

And then, a response from a quiet young man with a mind that never stops. “Probably bake some buffins. They are muffins but designed to make you buff. To create these powerful pastries, you simply replace all of the flour in the muffin recipe with protein powder.”

It’s that kind of personality and freshness I will miss when this career comes to an end.

Spring break. Not sure what you plan to do, but I won’t be writing for a week, so allow me a week off before we surge forward to April and the end of the year.

Until then. From the sunny beach-like interior of Starbucks, I bid you adieu!