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Chuck Brooks' column: Believe it or not, spring is oon the way

Let’s just assume, for the sake of our mental and emotional health, spring will arrive eventually. We’ve reached the end of February, and it’s time to anticipate all March has to offer. The fact we’re still going to be below freezing as the month begins should have no bearing on the power of positive thinking regarding the melting of the snow and the reappearance of the lawns. Am I asking for too much?

March. Most of our thoughts here at RHS will immediately go to the final full week of the month. Spring break. I suspect many are looking forward to going someplace where snow isn’t even in the vocabulary of the native people. I’ll be content to wake up later than 4:30 each morning and approach each day more casually. And for that reason alone, retirement looks better and better.

An-other component to March is the end of the second trimester in two weeks. Normally, the students have finals on the Wednesday and Thursday of the week and then they stay home on that Friday; teachers report so they can bring closure to finals and final grades. At the same time, they begin the process for starting trimester three. For the unaware, this means getting books back to the bookroom, getting books from the bookroom to the classroom, changing bulletin boards, grading tests, submitting final grades as well as materials for day one of trimester three. The list goes on.

Unfortunately this year, Mother Nature caused that workshop day to become a makeup day for one of the cold days we stayed home. Consequently, teachers will be diligently using prep periods, duty periods, before and after-school hours to do what they must to close one trimester by the deadlines we’re given and be ready on March 17 to begin the final trimester of the year. Phew!

And let us not forget that the clocks will change early into March. Who isn’t going to love that this year?

April. Doesn’t it sound good? April. If it looks and feels as good as it sounds, we’ll be like children in the candy shop. Granted, each week will be a five-day week, but as the present season thaws to make way for the beauty of the next, clothing will change as will attitudes. Just those two days where we reached 40 made such a difference before the snowstorm of the season hit. And now we have this week of sub-zero temps. One of my freshmen came in on the second 40-degree day in a t-shirt and shorts. I stopped him to remind him it was still winter. He shared with me the day before was 40 degrees, and it was supposed to be the same that day so he thought he’d let Mama Nature know how grateful he was. My thought was simply Brrrrrrrrrrrr!

April. It also has state testing written all over it. Ahh, how we love state testing at the high school level. That’s probably a column in and of itself, so enough said on that component of the month. April will bring Easter bonnets and baskets and hopefully signs of green grass. Maybe we’ll all have that moment when we hear the first robin in the morning, and that will be enough to help us forget the hellish winter we’ve survived.

And then again, maybe not.

May. I think of two items immediately. Prom and Memorial Day. At this point, the spring sports are in full force and all is right with the world once again. Winter is but a faint memory of time long ago.

And then again, maybe not.

In May, we’ll have the annual all-school awards assembly one morning. We’ll also look at all the AP testing that takes place in that month. The arts will have their final concerts. National Honor Society will induct its newest members. Student council will empty out this year’s members and welcome the new members for the 2014-15 season. And the beat goes on and on and on.

June. Graduation rehearsal. Graduation. Finals. And then … breathe. Short-sleeved shirts. No jackets. Moisture that disappears hours after hitting the ground. Colorful scenery from Old Lady Nature. Sweet thoughts at a cold time.

To heck with the groundhog. We can do this!

Can’t we?