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Kassie Klasen's column: Get rid of things on Craigslist

Most of us have bought something used, whether it is a car, a tractor, a book, it is always a nice affordable alternative to spending big bucks on something new.

Well, how many of us have sold something used? Years ago before the internet entered the market of reselling items, it wasn't always the easiest thing to do. Someone could put an ad in the newspaper, or maybe set it on their front lawn with a "for sale" sign. Comparing the viewership of those techniques to what the internet has brought today, it is crazy how much it has changed. Ebay was very big for a while, but selling things to people who live half way across the country is difficult at times. Until my personal favorite resale site became popular, Craigslist.

If you haven't heard of Craigslist before, it's a free website that connects buyers and sellers that are relatively close in distance to each other. I love Craigslist and everything it has done to the market of buying and selling used items. Personally, when I use Craigslist I stay under the "for sale" option but it has many other services it provides.

My family has sold our tractor, our truck, a lawn mower, furniture and a few other small things on Craigslist. We have bought a tractor, a dirt bike, tickets, exercise equipment, truck accessories and more off of that website.

How much money have we saved? A lot.

In 2012, I bought tickets on Ticketmaster to a concert for the popular boy band "One Direction" the very second they went on sale. In 2012 they were pretty big, but by the time the concert was coming, over a year later in 2013, they were absolutely adored.

I decided to check on Craigslist to see how much people were selling their tickets for, outrageous amounts. I like One Direction and all, but if my tickets were worth as much as the ones on Craigslist, I would rather have the money. So I listed them and ended up selling them 2 months before the concert. I made a nice profit and was able to sell my tickets to a Dad who was going to surprise his daughter who was coming home from Sweden. It was a win win for both of us.

I believe selling items via Craigslist is a great option. Why let something collect dust in your shed when someone would love to buy it? It's easy to use and saves some people thousands of dollars from buying things brand new. If you're looking at buying something new, there is a high percent chance you can find it used for a lot cheaper. Why spend $50 on a textbook when you can check multiple sites online that sell used ones very cheap? 

With today's economy and how much people complain about spending money, you would think everyone would turn to Craigslist for most of their items. I am the kind of person that loves to save money and get the most bang for my buck. I'd rather sell or give away that random thing that has been sitting in the shed for years than have it collect more dust. There are people who would absolutely love if they had as much as some people in this country have. Next time, when the phone rings and they want item donations, pick the phone up. There is a market for practically everything, and for what there isn't, like clothes or shoes, there are multiple places that would gladly take it off your hands. Sometimes there are even clothing consignment shops for certain brands. You would be very surprised at how many different places you can give your items besides the garbage can.