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Andrea Langworthy's column: Celebrate every day

Sometimes, on the day my column is due, I have no idea what to write about. That’s when I use Google to check out what holiday might be on the horizon. Or, even better, what odd or idiotic designation might be given to an upcoming day.

Take today: January 13. National Make Your Dreams Come True Day. Well, my dream is to get my column to the editor on time so he doesn’t think I’m a slacker. If only I had started a day earlier, the twelfth. Then, my opening sentence could have been that I called the drugstore and told the person who fills my prescriptions, “Happy Pharmacist’s Day!”

I could have followed with a story about how I grabbed my honey to give him a big smooch. When he asked, ‘What was that for?” I told him it was for the Feast of Fabulous Wild Men, a celebration for which he certainly qualifies. That he rolled his eyes and gave me his, “Are you nuts?” look before seeking refuge in another room of the house. Had any of it happened, of course.

Instead, true to form, I started this writing on deadline day. I tried to come up with something interesting, newsworthy or exciting to write about. How about the Golden Globes? I asked myself over and over.

The awards show had been on television the night before and my friend and I talked about the dresses — the hits, the misses — the hairdos and exposed flesh. My daughter and I covered the subject, also. But to tell you readers what I really think about some of the getups and speeches might shock you. And I want you to like me. I really, really do. (Thank you Sally Field.)

My husband suggested I write about Garden State Governor Chris Christie, and the George Washington Bridge fiasco. What I know about New Jersey’s chief administrator can be summed up in six words. With a lengthy (over 100 minutes) press conference to explain he was clueless, all I have to say is, “Methinks he doth protest too much.”

I went back to the job at hand — getting 500 words into the hands of the editor — and searched where I learned those who subscribe to this newspaper will find it in their mailbox on National Nothing Day. “Truly fitting,” you may say as you read this, “Because this column Andrea wrote is about nothing at all.”

But take heart. I bring you good news. Friday is Ditch [Your] New Year’s Resolutions Day. That’s good to know because one of my vows for 2014 was to start my column a day or two early. (Curses, foiled again!)

As I peruse the website of “bizarre and obscure” holidays, I see there are many fun things to celebrate during this cold and blustery month. Pie, chocolate cake, blonde brownies, your spouse, even fun at work. Pay close attention to Jan. 21, though. National Hugging Day. Everything is better with a hug, don’t you think?