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Chuck Brooks' column: A few resolutions for the rest of the world

Ho, Ho, Ho. The first of the two holidays is over. The build-up culminated in a lot of fun for all of you, hopefully. This next holiday has never been one of my favorites. I’ve celebrated New Year’s Eve in many ways, but it still is not a holiday I get excited about. I think part of it has to do with my letdown after Christmas. Now I have to wait 10 months again. Bummer.

Rather than bore you this week with my resolutions, I thought it might be insightful and entertaining for me to wish for the following resolutions from others. I suspect all of you could build a substantial list of what you’d like to see in changes with friends and family. However, we can go beyond those two circles. Let’s give it a try, shall we?

I would love it if shoppers in both grocery and de-partment stores would re-solve to sticking to one side of the aisle in 2014. It would make for a bit more pleasant shopping experience. If one already despises getting groceries, the wandering grocery shopper only adds to the misery of the weekly affair.

I would really appreciate if drivers behind me who see fit to show me what nice grills they have on the front of their cars by getting as close as possible resolve to having less of a desire to boast about such a thing. (Mercy sakes. That was a long sentence.) If there’s such a concept as personal space on the road, then please stay out of mine. I’m asking nicely.

I hope my Milwaukee Brewers resolve to play an entire season of baseball this year. Last year, I paid for the MLB package so I could watch them play but by late June, there was no point. An ugly season. I began focusing on football, which signaled the start of school, and that triggered major stress and the vicious cycle began.

The other day, the snow was softly falling outside my classroom window. One student here, one student there would look over and be mesmerized by the beauty of the snow. I would love it if students would resolve to maintain that part of their being which appreciates the beauty Mother Nature creates from time to time, even if they aren’t aware they’re appreciating it for what it is.

I wish more parents would resolve to take the approach my mother took with me and my five siblings. “If I hear from the teacher, I’ll believe the teacher first and you second.” Regardless of the fact we were good kids. Oh, how the pendulum is swinging in a different direction.

I think readers who have a Kindle or a NOOK or some type of e-reader should resolve to buy at least one real book, be it a hardcover or a softcover. There’s nothing like holding a genuine book. I buy a book and walk out of Barnes and Noble and I’m pumped. I download one onto my NOOK, and I continue on with the daily routine without appreciating it fully.

Back to Mother Nature. She needs to resolve to give me a snow day soon. My time is running out. What good is a snow day when I’m retired? No, I’m not retiring yet, but the light is at the end of the tunnel and Mother Nature needs to come through. Soon!

I think certain companies which make certain products need to resolve to come clean with some of the advertising for some products. The “New and Improved” label, so often, needs to honestly read, “Smaller and More Expensive.”

The department stores need to resolve in the next few days NOT to immediately switch from Christmas displays to Valentine displays in their stores. Enough said on that topic.

My cat needs to resolve not to wake me up early just because he’s hungry. My cat needs to resolve not to jump on my stomach as soon as I roll over on my back because he knows that will also catch my attention each and every time.

Two final items with which I leave you. One, it’s vacation time so I will be outta here for two weeks. I’ll return around mid-January with more to share on my view from my room. The second item is simply a thank you to all of you who supported the efforts of Andre and me with our book this holiday season. Your response was humbling and overwhelming. We truly appreciate it.

Happy New Year!