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Student voices: Kassie is proud to be in band

It seems like every TV show portrays high school band to give the students an automatic nerd reputation. Maybe it steers some people away, but it certainly never steered me away. After eight years, yes, I am still a member of the Rosemount High School band program. Do I regret it? Not even a bit.

I decided I wanted to join band when I was going into fifth grade. Seeing all the older kids play for everyone seemed so cool at the time. My older cousin, Kelly, played the trumpet when she was younger and had one sitting around. I decided to try it out and soon decided it was the instrument for me. Soon I entered middle school and really enjoyed going to band every day. I had no reason not to like it. It was a great break in the day. Three years blew by and I learned so much from Mr. Zschunke. He definitely prepared me for high school and the music we would be playing.

I remember showing up to band one of the first days of high school and thinking it was so advanced and over my capabilities. The three band teachers (Mr. Olsen, Mr. Sieve and Mr. Hoover) at RHS certainly taught us well. They never just picked a song because it was easy and we could learn it fast.

Nope, they went into their endless music library and found something challenging.

There is no fun in playing something easy. They are never afraid of a challenge.

I believe that’s how every aspect of life should be. Don’t go through life doing the minimum, taking the easy way out. I never really knew the meaning of challenging myself until I reached high school and attended band class every day.

Slowly, a lot of my friends lost interest and decided to no longer do band. Although, I met a lot of new people because of band that I can be friends with for life. It is a blessing to be part of one of the best band programs in the state and with such a reputation. It has given me qualities I can keep for the rest of my life. I can now read sheet music, which not many people can do if they don’t learn an instrument or sing. Everyone is different, but I can honestly say I am so glad I chose to play the trumpet so many years ago.

I never participated in marching band because it interfered with the sports I played. Looking back, I wonder if I would’ve gotten more out of joining marching band. I can’t wait to watch them on TV during the Rose Parade this year. They make me very proud to be a part of the RHS band program. I hope they have a great time in Pasadena.

I also hope the RHS band program continues to strive in the future. Every parent should encourage their child to play an instrument. I wouldn’t even think twice. No matter what school, it’s a great program to have. I am thankful for the RHS band program and thankful I get to be part of such an outstanding program.