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Student voices:In purple for a good cause

Senior year has been a blast so far. It is weird being oldest in school, but it is also nice not being the youngest again. Many things have changed at Rosemount High School the past couple years, but one thing that hasn’t changed much; t-shirt sales.

So far this school year, it seems like there has been a different t-shirt for sale every week. The first weeks of school everyone was scrambling to buy the annual Homecoming shirts from DECA participants. Then along came the Pink Out football game shirts to benefit the American Cancer Society a few weeks later. But, there has been a change this year: Purple Out t-shirts to support Rosemount Middle School’s Ms. Briscoe in her fight against pancreatic cancer.

The Purple Out shirts were a huge success. Sarah Bruber, one of my very good friends, decided she wanted to help Ms. Briscoe out by doing some sort of fundraiser. She decided on selling t-shirts at RMS and RHS. The shirts, purple to represent pancreatic cancer, say Team Briscoe on the front and have a ribbon. There was a huge turnout at the middle school, overall raising around $5,000 for Ms. Briscoe and her family. Ms. Briscoe is one of the nicest teachers I have ever gotten to work with and definitely deserved the support. It’s impossible to not love her.

I am leader along with my friend Annie of the High School’s Against Cancer club at RHS. Every year we are put in charge of selling the t-shirts for the Pink Out. Let me tell you, there was a lot of planning that went along with selling these. I had a very busy start to my senior year, but it was definitely worth it. Overall, we raised about $1,300 for the American Cancer Society.

Being behind the scenes for both of these t-shirt sales made me realize what a great school and community we belong to. Between the two fundraisers, over 1,000 shirts were sold, both for good causes. The support for these shirts was immense and we can’t thank the students and faculty enough. Although a lot of time was put into these fundraisers, I certainly and I don’t regret any of it. I am very proud to say I go to Rosemount High School because of the support shown just this year. A community helping someone who taught their kids and made them the teenagers they are today is great and I wish it happened more.

Rosemount is a great community and a very supportive city and it feels great to be a part of it. There are way too many people to be thanked: Administration, Ms. Chumley, Mr. Gerten, the super fans, and of course all the students and faculty that bought t-shirts. It’s a great feeling to look up at the stands at the infamous Rosemount football games and see a sea full of pink and, two weeks later, a sea full of purple. With a great football team, a great super fan section and a great community, this all was able to happen. To watch it all come together is one of the greatest feelings anyone could ask for.