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Student voices: Kassie is at the top of the heap

It is very weird now being the oldest of all the students at RHS. When people tell you high school is the best four years of your life and that it will pass by faster than what you think, they are right. Every year goes so fast. I feel like it was just yesterday that I was walking into Rosemount High School’s doors for the first time. 

When I think back to freshman year, what I think about most is how much I looked up to the upperclassmen. It didn’t matter who they were, whether I knew them or not. Whenever I saw the juniors or seniors in the hallway, I thought they were the coolest people EVER. They were just automatically someone I looked up to in the school. Now being a senior, I don’t feel any more special than I felt freshman year.

So, what makes underclassmen look up to uppclassmen? Maybe it’s because they are two or three years older than us? But then again, do 40 year olds look up to 43 year olds?

In sixth grade everyone wanted to be an eighth grader, to be the oldest in the school.  Exactly how second graders want to be fifth graders. Student council officers, bus control captains —those were the people I really looked forward to in elementary school.

I think the reason underclassmen look up to the upperclassmen in high school is because they hope to be in our position someday.  Whether it’s to make a varsity sports team, be first chair in band, to make a certain choir, to go to prom, or even to be in the first few rows of the super fan section. I agree the benefits of high school get better the older you get. Being the oldest does feel good.  It doesn’t feel much different, but it is a good feeling.

Everyone has a goal. I still remember mine coming into high school. Not all of them were fulfilled, but sometimes you can’t control your goal’s fate. Sometimes it is disappointing but someday I will look back on them and laugh because of how much I cared about the little things.

In sixth grade drug education, we wrote letters to ourselves to read in the 12th grade. We wrote about what our lives were like then and what we hope they are like at the end of high school.  

Frankly, when I was in sixth grade I was pretty convinced the world was going to end in 2012 so I didn’t know if I would ever get to read it. Just kidding, but I do look forward to getting to read mine this year.

There is nothing quite like the high school experience. It’s amazing how much can change throughout the years, but if I could, I don’t think I would go back and change a thing. It is what it is, whether it turned out how I wanted it to or not.

Kassie Klasen is a senior at Rosemount High School.