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Student voices: Coming to appreciate electricity

As you may or may not know, Rosemount High School experienced a power outage the morning of Sept. 10 throughout the whole entire school. I, unlike most students, was just walking into school when a couple teachers were standing at the front door of the school. I was very confused because everyone was scrambling around and the hallway light was off. The only light shining in was sunlight, which lit up the front of the school.

I had a very confused look on my face and all the teachers laughed before finally one of them told me the power was out. I have seen a lot of things happen at RHS but never have I been in school for a power outage. I proceeded to my next class, where all I could hear were whispers saying school was going to get canceled because they wouldn't be able to make us lunch and they were going to announce we can leave in a few minutes. We waited it out and soon enough the power came back on (there was definitely a schoolwide groan when it came back on) but everyone proceeded to their next class. It was an interesting experience but it really got me thinking, what would we do without electricity nowadays?

If we didn't have electricity today we would certainly have to adapt how we learn in school. All of our use of smart boards, projectors, mobile computer labs and Microsoft Word would be nonexistent. We would have to handwrite everything and teachers would have to handwrite their notes for us.

Thinking of all of this makes today's world sound a lot easier than before electricity. This is just school, not even a basic necessity of life. Could you imagine living in your house without electricity? Could you imagine preparing food? Could you imagine keeping your house at a reasonable temperature? Could you imagine lighting your house?

I never really thought about how much we rely on electricity. If I didn't have electricity I would not be able to sustain myself let alone my family for food. No cardboard pizzas, chicken nuggets or ramen noodles. Our diet would probably consist of vegetables and canned meat. (I've tried growing vegetables and that didn't work out so well.)

In other words our world as we see it would be doomed. We wouldn't have credit cards, millions of people would be out of jobs. There would be no computers, no TV, no street lights, no refrigerator. The lists goes on and on.

Sometimes I take living in the 21st century for granted when really, we are very blessed to have the amenities we have today.

So a big thanks out to Ben Franklin, Thomas Edison and many others for giving us the base to our technology today.