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Student voices: A message to freshmen: Be yourself

It's that time of year again, the beginning of a new school year. Some may say it is their least favorite time of the year. Others may say it is their all-time favorite time of the year (they have most likely not reached high school yet and don't get hours of homework like the rest of us).

I am just excited to start my senior year of high school.

It has been a long journey at Rosemount High School. It had its ups and downs, but in the end the past three years have really been a lot of fun. I took a variety of classes and have spent my time in a lot of different clubs and sports. Some definitely turned out better than others (I'm afraid if I say more this column will be about two pages too long, so I'll just stick with that).

A lot of things can happen in three years, and in high school, everything gets so real. RHS and the students at Rosemount the past three years have lived through so many events, too many to name. There are certain things I used to see on TV and think could never happen in a town like Rosemount. But I soon found out, anything is possible.

I thought going into high school was scary, I can't even imagine turning 18 and being an adult in the world. Don't blink because high school blows by in a second.

The past two years I have always given advice to the freshmen coming into Rosemount. Usually I talk about how important it is to do your homework and how students should respect their teachers and peers. This year, I'd like to talk more about the social aspect of high school. Going into high school and even middle school, a lot of people's goals were to fit in, to be popular or just be known. STOP RIGHT THERE. I remember being in fifth grade and thinking to myself, "I want to be popular and have lots of friends in middle school." Believe me, you can have a ton of friends by being yourself and not being pressured by people around you. I have gone through three years of high school and I have seen way too many girls that I used to know so well that were nice and innocent that have now become girls that are into illegal habits, say certain things, act with disrespect to people, could care less about their grades and dress a certain way just to fit in with the girls she calls friends.

Remember learning about peer pressure in drug ed? Like I said before, everything gets real when you enter high school. Never go out of your comfort zone just to be friends with someone. If anyone thinks I would go back in time to the beginning of high school and act a different way or dress a different way just to be friends with the people that call themselves popular at school now, then they are highly mistaken.

Just be an individual. Nothing is more valuable than that.

I wish all students luck as they enter into the 2013-14 school year. I hope it is one to remember!