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Chuck Brooks' column: Enjoying summer Sundays

Sunday nights in the summer. I can think of nothing better than a Sunday night in summer. For a fleeting time, there is no Monday morning. Therefore, there is no “What do I need to grade before bedtime?” or “What am I doing with my sophomores tomorrow?” You get the idea.

It’s Sunday night when I’m putting the finishing touches on this week’s column. Aside from laundry, it’s a lazy night. It was Big Brother at 7. World of Warcraft for an hour at 8, and now Crossing Lines and polishing this little ditty.

It’s been a great summer. With still more to come. Interested? Read on.

You like movies? I’ve seen a few. “Star Trek” gets top honors. A heck of a good film. “Man of Steel” not as good, but still entertaining. “The Lone Ranger” a hopeless cause. Still need to see “World War Z”, “Despicable Me 2” and “The Heat.” On the cable/DVD side of things, if you want to see a powerful film, check out “Sessions”, with Helen Hunt. She plays a sex therapist for a man who lived most of his life in an iron lung. Helen Hunt can do no wrong in my book. Her performances always seem so effortless. If you aren’t too conservative in your movie watching, it’s one I recommend. It didn’t get much play in the theaters.

I finally got to Five Guys for lunch. There are five locations in the metro, but I was at Woodbury’s with outside seating. I love sitting outside for lunch or dinner during the summer. My review? Go! It’s burgers or hot dogs. That’s primarily their menu. I chose the burger. Very good. Fresh cut fries as well and they deal with the local food providers for their meat and their potatoes. Quick service. No complaints here.

Reconnected with a friend visiting from Alaska. She’s affectionately known by all as “Grams.” She is a spark plug of a woman. She travels here every summer to visit her daughter and remaining siblings and numerous other relatives. I always manage to visit at least once with her. She is the ideal person we all want to grow into as we become older. An attitude that beats pessimism at every door. Amazing.

I took part in the pep rally at school two days ago for the marching band’s invitation to the Rose Parade in January. The president of the Rose Parade as well as the Rose Bowl game arrived to school Friday morning with his wife. Then, Saturday night, I was invited to attend the suite at TCF Stadium where the president and his wife would reappear. The night was all about the Drum and Bugle Corps competition that takes place there every summer. This night, however, would find RHS being recognized, in front of all who attended, for having been chosen to be in the Rose Parade. This night was the highlight of my summer. The weather was beautiful and the music incredible. The presentation made me proud.

Those two events over those two days were the highlight of my summer. However, there’s more to come, right? Next week, it’s Leprechaun Days and the parade. One can only guess what’s in store next week!

Chuck Brooks is a teacher at Rosemount High School. His column appears every week.

Nathan Hansen

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