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Chuck's column: What makes up your perfect day?

If you're reading this before Friday, June 7 at 2:20, then school is still in session and finals are wrapping up. If you're reading this after June 7 at 3:30, it's likely that Elvis has left the building!

This brings to close the 39th issue of my weekly communication with you. Where has that time gone? It seems like yesterday when I was throwing out the idea to Nathan Hansen, editor of this paper, that a column like this might be fun for all parties involved. I know I've enjoyed writing them.

In the course of nine months, we've managed to talk about the start of the school year, pepfests and assemblies, Homecoming, the holidays, and so much more. You've heard, on multiple occasions, words "From the Mouths of Babes." I shared my emotions with you on such topics as death and grading and the need for fun in an ever-growing non-fun world. I created a newer version of the old standard, "Twas the Night Before Christmas." By the way, one of my students, who will be a senior next year, and I are working together to create a holiday book for Rosemount using my version and my student's watercolor illustrations. Stay tuned!

In any case, you and I have traveled together through the school year via "The View From My Room." Many of you throughout the weeks have shared your thoughts regarding the column, and I've been humbled by your input and your willingness to share your reactions. It has been my pleasure to write for you. If one can't write about his/her passion, then perhaps it's not really a passion at all. I still love teaching. You know I hate grading papers by now, but my energy for teaching kids hasn't waned.

I thought it was only fitting, one final time this year, to share with you thoughts "From the Mouths of Babes" regarding this question - "What is the one aspect of summer you are looking forward to?" I told my freshmen contributors "No homework" and "Sleeping in" weren't acceptable. Although I received several worthy of note, I only have so much room here. "I'm looking forward to..."

"...summer because I'm excited to make new memories with my friends and family."

"...not worrying about impressing people. I won't have to make sure that my hair, clothes or makeup look perfect every day."

"...visiting my sister. I am very excited."

"...teaching vacation bible school and getting to know all the kids in my community."

"...the summer air at night."

"...spending time with my sister before she leaves for the Air Force."

"...volunteering at the Children's Hospital."

I wish I had room to share more, but those were some of the more unique responses, I thought. Somewhat encouraging, I'd say.

If you thought you could get rid of me easily, you're mistaken. The paper tells me they have room for my thoughts this summer as well, so I'll see you next week when I'll share non-school thoughts about life. So exciting!