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Student voices: Good and bad in last week's snow day

Last week I had the first snow day I have had in a few years. There is this myth that my school district doesn't give any snow days, but that has been proven wrong. In fact, my sophomore year is the only year I can remember in which I did not have either a snow day or a two-hour-delay.

The snow day definitely had its benefits -- I didn't have school, obviously. I also got to catch up on my sleep. But the downfall is that it happened to fall on finals week. I was hoping for a weekend free of homework after I completed my finals, but I found myself having to study through the weekend, as some of my tests had been postponed until Monday.

I also found the snow day discouraging because it not only signals a day off of school -- it indicates that a large amount of snow has fallen. It is March and we are still dealing with huge amounts of snow. I hate winter and its effects on my motivation. I'm not sure if this applies to everyone, but I am assuming it probably does. I don't feel like doing anything when it's freezing outside, or when it snows a lot like last week. I probably live in the wrong state. This snow day was a friendly reminder that the feeling I associate with winter is not quite over.

The other day, however, I felt the sun shining and witnessed some melting snow. Of course this will happen as spring is on its way, but I couldn't believe how excited that made me. I felt like I had renewed hope in the world just because the sun was out melting away the snow. I am now looking forward to spring like my life depends on it because I am sick of the hassle that snow and bitter cold temperatures winter brings with.

In addition to warm temperatures, spring usually signals positive events. Maybe I have associated warm weather with vacation, which would contribute to how much I appreciate it. Either way, you can probably tell that I am overly enthusiastic about the arrival of spring and more uplifting weather. For now, however, I'll be impatiently waiting for it to arrive in the wake of a relaxing, yet stressful snow day.

Marnie Sciamanda is a senior at Rosemount High School. Her column appears every third week