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Student voices: Dance show has meant a lot

Senior year is full of lasts, and this weekend marks my last dance show at Rosemount High School. For those unfamiliar with the activity, the RHS dance show is an annual performance that showcases student choreography of various styles. In previous years, I participated in the show as a dancer, but this year, I took on a dual role as a dancer and a choreographer of my own piece.

This show is unique in that it gives students an opportunity to bring their creative ideas to life and express themselves in a new way. I enjoyed my time choreographing because there was no right or wrong -- I got to choose the music and what to include in my piece and my dancers brought my thoughts to life. It was also interesting to see something that has been commonplace throughout my entire life -- dance -- from a new perspective.

With that, I often hear on television and on the Internet how important arts education is. There are hundreds of organizations dedicated to promoting the arts for schools, underprivileged children, etc. Hearing something over and over again can be bothersome, I agree, but arts education truly is important. I can personally attest that the arts -- specifically, dance -- have greatly facilitated my growth as a learner, as an individual and as a collaborator. There are facets to my character that I believe I would never have gained without participating in an arts-related activity. Everything (or nearly everything) you hear boasting benefits of involvement in the arts is true. It is an invaluable outlet for many teenagers that deserves recognition.

Speaking of recognition, I have noticed that in my experience, the arts generally do not garner the same degree of excitement or recognition as other, more popular activities may. I may be biased since I am involved in the show and the RHS dance program, but I highly recommend attending the show this weekend, on either Friday or Saturday at 7 p.m. If you are suspecting that I am using my column to promote the show, then yes, I am. Isn't that the point? It is something that is important to me and community support means a lot to the show's director, the technical crew, the student choreographers, and the dancers.

The end may be near for my involvement in dance, which makes this show all the more meaningful to me. The performing arts are an important but sometimes overlooked component of the school that have provided me with endless benefits throughout the years. If you are interested in witnessing the creativity and hard work of several students, as well as an amazing show, be sure to attend the Rosemount High School dance show this weekend.

Marnie Sciamanda is a senior at Rosemount High School.