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Student voices: Nothing to do? Not likely

I'm sure in the past week most of us have had one night where we sat on the couch or wasted our night away doing something of that nature, only wishing there was something "fun" to do in Rosemount. I always think of how cool it would be to live in a big city like St. Paul and have something new to do or see every day. But when driving through downtown Rosemount, I realized I haven't even been to half the things I've wanted to visit.

Yeah, I may complain about living here sometimes but that's because I never try new things. There are so many unique restaurants that only Rosemount has that I'm sure half of our population hasn't even tried.

Not only is there food to eat, stores to go to, but Rosemount also has so many activities going on like band concerts, sports, plays, musicals and so much more.

There are plenty of sporting events at Rosemount High School that surely won't let you down game after game (unlike some of our state's professional sports teams). My parents both grew up in small towns and once in a while we go to some of their school's sporting events. It boggles my mind to see that their gym is fuller than ours and their city's population barely reaches 1,000. There are over 20,000 people living in Rosemount and we can't fill a gym or arena?

It makes me so happy to see a community come together and watch their varsity sports. Rosemount has fans, but besides parents, there are very few. When I was a kid I loved going to watch varsity volleyball games in Rosemount. They were like role models to me. I wanted to play on that court someday and wanted be just like them.

Rosemount's band and choir programs are also very blessed and talented, having concerts often and free to the public. Calendars are available on the RHS website that includes every sporting event's schedule and performances.

These athletes and performers are Rosemount's future whether you know them or not.

Since we live in a somewhat large city, there are so many opportunities to play or try different things. I will definitely try some new things and never complain about living in this area again. We are blessed to have so many choices of things to do. We all need a little sense of community.