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Editorial: OneRosemount effort will be good for all

The people behind the OneRosemount group have a big project in mind. Huge.

As reported on the front page of this week's Town Pages, the group of community leaders wants to put together a group of Rosemount residents to pack 286,120 meals to be sent to Haitian refugees living in the Dominican Republic.

That's a serious undertaking. It will take more than a thousand volunteers working in shifts. On packing day the project will occupy the gyms at Rosemount Elementary and Rosemount Middle schools. The group hopes to raise $70,000 in advance just to pay for the food it will need.

Think about it too much, and it starts to seem just a little bit crazy.

We don't think it is, though. We know the people behind the group. We know they're good at getting things done when they set their minds to them. And we know Rosemount. We've seen the community come together to get things done. We're pretty sure they can do it again.

There is a clear mission with this project. Get it all done, and Rosemount can provide vital sustenance for people who have needs that seem much more overwhelming than what OneRosemount has in front of it.

There is another, less obvious outcome, too. If it comes off according to plan, this effort to feed families in need will strengthen bonds in Rosemount. It will make the community better.

That, as much as the humanitarian mission, is a reason to get involved. It's why we encourage Rosemount residents and anyone else with a connection to the city to get involved.

It will be good for Haiti. It will also be good for Rosemount.