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Student voices: Plenty of ways to enjoy

I hear it so many times a day. Complaining about the snow, the coldness and the state. Yes, Minnesota can be a bit cold and a bit snowy but complaining about it most definitely won't fix it.

I am not a fan of it 100 percent of the time but then again, who likes to walk outside everyday and instantly be hit by the bitter cold? But when I think about it, I would rather live here than any other state in the US. Yeah the other states have beaches, mountains, warm weather, celebrities and skyscrapers. But do they have ice fishing? Do they have snowmobiling trails, state parks, 10,000 lakes and snow like this? Maybe a few, but nothing compared to Minnesota.

I recently dragged my parents to the store to buy a sled. As we were checking out, my Dad said to the cashier, "17 years old and still wanting a sled." Yes, I have gone sledding three times in the past three weeks and yes, I would love to go again and again and again. I really need to go skiing soon, too.

I feel like there are hundreds of things people look right past when it comes to things to do in the winter.

Last weekend I had the privilege to go ice fishing again. Spending three hours on the lake to catch one fish some say was a waste of time, but I would much rather do something mother nature provided to us than sitting at home watching another episode of a show you have seen over and over again. Minnesota provides us with so many amazing things that other states don't even compare to. It kills me when people say they hate Minnesota and everything about it. Half the year is just like other states and the other half is absolutely stunning.

I feel so bad for the people that have never seen snow before. Those people would do anything to see a sight like it and all we complain about it. We are lucky people and should never take this state for granted.

Like many say, "count your blessings not your problems."