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Student voices: A few wishes for the new year

Another year has passed, and I'm sure you have seen countless summaries and wrap-ups of the highlights and the unfortunate events that occurred in 2012. Instead of once again recounting what we already know has happened this past year, I have decided to instead present my wishes for 2013.

First, I'd like to see us, as a society, suppress our obsession with Twitter. I use Twitter and it can be a convenient source for news, a way to communicate with friends and even celebrities, and a place to express thoughts. A few thoughts per day perhaps, but I don't see how tweeting every single thought that has ever slipped into your mind every day is necessary. It's a bit anti-social because it's becoming a mindless collection of your own though-ts, expressed for your own satisfaction and for the hope that someone else will think your thoughts are witty or relatable. So, to sum up, I think the end of Twitter is not in sight, but it would be nice if some people could limit or at least tailor their tweets a bit in the new year. Or maybe we can just limit our obsession with technology altogether and go out and actually live.

Another thing I'd like in 2013 that is a bit out of our control is to simply see our country's leaders get along. I know I am not completely politically informed, but I have repeatedly expressed how hard it is for me to witness the feuding between the two drastically different parties. And whatever the fate of the "fiscal cliff" is, the negotiations are a testament to the fact that even our country's leaders cannot put aside their differences for the common good. I think I can speak for everyone when I say that I would like to see a change there.

Lately I have also seen acts of charity increase. Not just around the holidays, but in general donations to relief funds and other organizations seem to be transforming into normalcy. All these acts of kindness and charity are a positive aspect of the past year that I hope extends into 2013 if anything unfortunate and damaging is to occur. However, of course my biggest hope for the new year is that we can avoid all of the tragedies of violence, discrimination and natural disasters that plagued society in the past year.

I'm obviously very hopeful for 2013 because I think it has the potential to be a great year if we, as a society, work hard to make it that way. It's a lot to ask for, but I would love to see my wishes for 2013 become realities, and for our distorted sense of normalcy to be transformed once again into one of peace, equality, and safety.