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Student voices: Keep warm, everyone

Don't forget your coat ... and hat ... and mittens ... and parka ... and snowpants ... and boots ... and heater ... and igloo ... and dog sled.

It's all part of the daily struggles of living in Minnesota.

Okay that might have been a bit exaggerated but you've got to admit it can be cold here in Minnesota. I don't know about everyone else, but I sure have a hard time walking outside in the morning knowing that no matter what I wear, the crisp chill of this Minnesota weather will always give me goosebumps. I love Minnesota, I really do, but I dread walking out to my car every day.

I wear boots almost every day along with a warm jacket, mittens and most of the time a hat. It's not very often I leave my house and see people wearing the same items as me. I don't see much of anyone that wears hats or headbands to keep their head warm outside any more. Did being warm go out of style or what?

I have hats that look like I belong in Alaska rather than Minnesota but I still wear them because I would rather be warm then look a certain way any day. I may not wear one into the store or into school but I always make sure I have one with me when I leave the house.

When I was a kid I always wore a hat and mittens no matter what. Walking out of a store sometimes I see parents carrying their kids. Some don't have coats on, some don't have shoes on, some don't have a hat on. When I look up at the parents they seem to be properly clothed. Hats, mittens, boots, a huge jacket. Well, don't you think your kids ever get cold?

I really needed a new winter jacket this year so my family and I went on quite an adventure to find one. I didn't like the fur on this one, this one was too short in the sleeves and 99 percent of them were not warm enough. I was astounded to see even the nicest brands being cheap and flimsy jackets. We live in Minnesota and its winter. Can I please just have a warm jacket?

My Dad and I ventured down to the men's section in Macy's and were surprised to find all the men's jackets high quality and warm. Is it that women would rather look nice than dress warm? Call me crazy if that's the case but I'd rather just be warm.

Whether being warm is out of style or not, I hope you all have a warm and healthy winter. And don't forget your hat and mittens!

Kassie Klasen is a student at Rosemount High School. Her column appears every other week.