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Student voices: Take care on snowy roads

Driving in the winter can be quite a scary and tedious task for many Minnesota drivers. Whether it is an inch of snow or a blizzard, it always seems like Minnesota drivers forget how to drive and roads turn into complete chaos.

We had our first snowfall last Friday and although it was just a few inches, the roads seemed just as crazy.

This year definitely hasn't been as snowy as many people have liked. Everyone is hoping for a white Christmas but until late Saturday it looked more like October outside.

Last Christmas I remember playing football outside, which is extremely uncommon for our usual Minnesota weather. But the winter of 2010-11 was by far the most memorable to me. We got snow like no other winter I remembered. I have a picture of me on our deck with my dog next to me. The snow was past my knees and still accumulating. My dog had a "cow path" around the house so he could venture around without being buried in the snow, which was taller than him at the time.

I also remember being at a volleyball tournament in Albertville. Being inside of a gym all day and coming out to a full-on blizzard was quite a surprise. It took us three hours to get back when it usually takes an hour. There were backups and stalled and stuck cars everywhere. When we made it less than five miles from our house, the snow got so tall that cars could barely move. My parents got out and helped shovel out a car at an intersection and push it onto its way.

Although the snow we are getting this year is not nearly as bad as that year, people still have quite a lot of trouble driving. I just turned 17 and am still a fairly new driver, especially to winter driving. But I still feel like the countless accidents could've been prevented last week. Although it has only been a year that I have had my license, I know the basic things that seem to be common sense that some drivers still forget.

Slow down. Taking a corner at 60 seems illogical when there isn't snow, yet some still wonder why they get into accidents doing the same when it is snowing. Driving last week was a great experience for me and I surprisingly wasn't scared. There were just a few things I had to adjust to and I was on my merry way.

Braking earlier than what you would normally is crucial to not have yours or someone else's bumper smashed up. No matter what the condition, you should always be cautious on the road, and don't forget to play some Christmas music while you're at it.