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Student voices: A surprise worth savoring

Nobody saw it coming.

Not many people expected the Rosemount High School football team to win its game at the Metrodome last Thursday. They were playing the No. 1 team in the state, Edina. Rosemount was the obvious underdog in this situation, but many fans of all ages still came to support the team. Making it to the Dome is the ultimate destination for a high school football player. Everybody's goal is to make it there. It's kind of like Heaven, but football style.

This was the second time in my high school career the team has made, it which is quite an honor considering many schools rarely make it that far. Just two years ago I was writing my column about the football team making it to the Dome and here I am again in the same situation.

Rosemount is blessed to have such a talented program and coaching staff and it is such an honor to sit in the stands and watch them.

On Thursday, we all packed into the fan buses and were on our way downtown. The hopes weren't set very high, but everyone was so excited to go to the Dome to cheer on the boys. It wasn't looking too good for us at halftime with Edina having the lead. Rosemount came back strong after and the rest of the game was a nail biter.

The intensity on and off the field was tremendous. It was such a shock when the clock hit 00:00 and both teams gathered on the field to shake hands. The whole crowd was screaming with excitement. Nobody could believe their eyes. Rosemount beat Edina 14-10.

Many players, coaches, fans and alumni were sporting the motto "Silence the doubters" all of last week, and that they did. Rosemount most definitely silenced every single one of their doubters. Beating Edina seemed farfetched just a week before that.

Rosemount plays Lakeville North at 7 p.m. today at the Dome. I know for sure that I will never doubt this team again after what happened last Thursday. They brought the saying "anything is possible" to a whole new level.

Whether they win or lose, it is such an accomplishment to make it this far and an honor to watch a little thing we like to call Rosemount football.

Kassie Klasen is a student at Rosemount High School