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City notes: Prepare now to vote in November

Here's a tip to save you time and maybe spare you from frustration. If you plan to vote this Nov. 6, take some simple steps now to make sure you're properly registered.

Minnesota offers same-day registration at the precincts on Election Day. And a lot of people take that opportunity. We train election judges to handle the process as efficiently as they can. But at certain times on Election Day, the line starts to back up.

That's why we encourage people to register in advance whenever possible. But the deadline to do it is Oct. 16. After that, we print the roster of voters. And if your name isn't on it or your address isn't correct, you'll need to move to another line and provide documentation. You may even need to go to a different precinct. Even if you know you registered in the past, your name may have been dropped if you haven't voted for four consecutive years.

You can find out online right now whether we have your proper name and address. It's one of the links on the city's website at If it's not there, you can go back to the city's election webpage and download a new voter registration application. Return it to city hall in person, by regular mail, or email. But it's got to arrive by the Oct. 16 deadline.

After that, you'll get a postcard in the mail confirming that you won't have to spend extra time on Election Day filling out forms and showing identification. It will also tell you where your polling place is. Some of them changed early this year, when the city was required to redraw some precinct boundaries following the last census. Even if you're sure you don't need to register, you may want to check our webpage to confirm where you'll vote.

We strongly encourage citizens to register in advance, but we will be prepared to sign voters up on Election Day. You will need to provide the proper identification, as specified by law. If your identification is not up to date - say, you've moved and haven't updated the address on your driver's license - you will need to provide additional identification. The rules are explained on our elections webpage. Again, if you've got a choice, you'll probably find it more convenient to register beforehand.

Absentee voting began last week, by mail and in person at city hall. State law allows eligible citizens to vote absentee under certain conditions. Again, visit our webpage for details.

As city clerk, I am responsible for the administration of elections in Rosemount. But the work would be impossible without the service of the 150 people who will serve on Nov. 6 as election judges in Rosemount. We are grateful for their contribution to the way our government stays responsive to the people.

Please contact me at 651-322-2003 or if you have questions.