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Editorial: Leprechaun Days takes hard work

Last week in this space we talked about all of the fun things to do during the summer in Rosemount. Leprechaun Days, which as this issue hits newsstands is midway through its 10-day run, is certainly one of the biggest items on that list.

Leprechaun Days is a significant event, and it's become particularly clear over the past several days just how many people put hours of their time into making the celebration and its component parts happen. Community groups of all types work tirelessly to organize events and make sure they come off without a hitch. We know of several people who worked all last weekend to put on one event, then put on a different t-shirt -- one with the name of another volunteer group -- and went to work just as hard on something else.

Some of the people behind these events might as well just haul a cot into the shelter at Central Park and spend the week there.

The people who put these events together don't do it for profit. Most of the groups who ask for money during Leprechaun Days put it toward charitable causes. They do it because they want to do something to bring people together. They want to foster a sense of community. They want, in short, to make Rosemount a better place.

For them, watching people come together and have a good time is the best possible reward for all of the hard work they do.

Without these people we wouldn't have had last weekend's bluegrass festival, or Tuesday night's bathtub races. We wouldn't have had big wheel races on Wednesday and there wouldn't be a parade on Saturday.

There wouldn't be a Leprechaun Days.

Think about that this weekend as you head out to a concert or to any of the other events that fill the remainder of the Leprechaun Days schedule. If you see someone in a green Leprechaun Days committee t-shirt, give them a quick word of thanks. Do the same for any of the other event organizers. They've earned it.