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City notes: Celebrate the spirit of community with upcoming events

One weekend morning earlier this month, I was getting in some exercise with a jog along Connemara Trail. I usually make the run from Shannon Parkway to South Robert. On this morning, it struck me how much company I had. Many Rosemount residents were doing what I was: getting in a run, a walk or a bike ride.

I see the same thing in neighborhoods throughout our community. It's why the city council has made it a long-standing goal to improve and expand Rosemount's trails and sidewalks, in some cases adding connections between parts of the city that developed at different times.

This year, we have improvement projects under way to make it easier and safer to move along Diamond Path. We also have projects along 145th Street and Highway 3. By next year, Dakota County should complete a trail in Rosemount near the Mississippi River.

The county has also approved a study of a greenway corridor that will allow the city to make long-range plans for connections across to that Mississippi River trail, north to Lebanon Hills Regional Park, and south to the parks near Vermillion River.

We think these are good investments for Rosemount's future. Making it easy and enjoyable to walk, run, or bike helps maintain a healthy lifestyle. That's especially important for our young people. And it's a reason we and District 196 have put effort and resources into creating safe walks to schools. We want our kids to get some exercise, and to be safe while they're doing it.

Connecting neighborhoods is also an important element to maintain our small-town feel. If sometimes we can talk to our neighbors on the sidewalk instead of waving from our cars, we'll improve the ties that encourage community involvement.

And that was one of the things I noticed on my weekend jog. I saw a resident taking a walk who paused to pick up small pieces of litter along the trail. Her public-spirited actions reminded me how clean our community is, largely thanks to citizens who take responsibility for the appearance of their homes, neighborhood and city.

That's the spirit that we're celebrating this week during Leprechaun Days, and that we will draw on during the evening of Aug. 7, when many of our neighborhoods will renew their ties to promote public safety through Night to Unite block parties.

I hope you will come together with us to celebrate the many great things about Rosemount that make it a great place to live, work and play.