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Student voices: In her final column, Addie says thanks for reading

I sit here, just after my high school graduation, and can't help but suffer from nostalgia. Pictures are strewn across the walls of my room showing much of my past. Movie tickets, artwork I have done, pictures of friends and family. My favorite books are on the shelves and even my first article for the Town Pages. They are there as reminders of where I have been, and next to all of the mementos reminding me of my past is my college acceptance letter, so when I wake up in the morning I can make sure its real. It's actually happening.

That first article was nearly two years ago and in the time since I have written nearly 40 articles, which still blows me away. I am awestruck I have had this incredible opportunity. What is even more astounding to me is people have actually read them. I often get comments from friends or neighbors on my columns and every time I have to take a moment to come to grips with the thought that I have been published in a newspaper. Something I wouldn't have dreamed possible at my age before this chance came to me.

Thank you to all of you who have read my opinions and, on many occasions, ramblings. I will never forget this unbelievable opportunity I have been given and I hope you have all enjoyed the words I have written as much as I have loved sharing them.

I still can't believe how much time has passed. Though throughout the years it has seemed so slow, I look back and feel like I have just gone to sleep and woken up a soon-to-be college student. As nerve wracking as it is, I have confidence I can succeed (or at least I can fake confidence). But before I move on, I do truly need to say thank you. This chance has been awe-inspiring for me and to everyone involved in the making of the Town Pages, and everyone who has read my articles, thank you.

Addie Iverson graduated from Rosemount High School June 2. She spent two years as a columnist for the TownPages.